Research and comprehensive analysis are integral when defining a brand’s identity, which is why the creative marketing process starts and ends with Pulse Essentials. Every project begins with in-depth research and analysis of the marketing landscape, resulting in a wealth of information that steers the project in the right direction.

What We Do:

Brand Positioning  |  Competitive Analysis  |  Market Research & Analytics  |  Business Plan Development  |  Brand Strategy  |  Market Action Plans

Our focus is to understand your unique business model, your company culture, your brand vision and most importantly – your passionate believes. The end goal is gathering enough insight on your operation and business vision to effectively guide and inform our research and strategy stage. We begin by working closely with your team to satisfy our strategic brief documentation, collecting data points and proprietary information pertaining to your business goals. 

Our research, brand strategy, digital and engagement strategy team leaders work closely with your business leaders to gather all available information to uncover potential channels and opportunities to generate business results. This process takes anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks depending on complexity of your ask, depth of historic activity and a number of other defining factors.Once we complete our discovery with your team, we regroup internally with our business analysts, brand strategy and digital engagement teams for an in-depth brainstorm and recap of the information gathered through our rigid discovery process. If any final clarifications are required, those are conveyed to the client and cleared up before the project moves forward. As a result, we establish a set of guiding principles that influence the direction of all our brand strategy, visual branding, digital and engagement strategy efforts.