Design is the backbone and soul of our marketing operation. Every facet of a brand campaign runs through BrandMedicine, resulting in fresh, innovative designs that align and reinforce brand equity. Graphic design, illustration, photo editing, and product ideation & concepting are just some of the many tools that are at our clients’ disposal for effective creative.

What We Do:

Graphic Design | Illustration | Photo Editing & Retouching | Logo Development | Branding & Corporate ID | Packaging Design | Product Ideation & Concepting | Advertising Campaigns | Presentation Design & Animation | 3D Modeling & Design | In-Store/Environmental Signage & Fixture Design

When you think of creative, the go to gauge is usually revolves around “like” or “dislike”. This is a personal opinion, and while we respect it fully – it has zero substance when it comes to business outcomes. Unlike most agencies we treat design and graphic arts as a communication tool to support the business strategy, rather than a visual experience that can be “sold”.

The goal of our creative team on any project is to clearly understand the findings of our extensive process and “package” them into a communications system that will clearly express the brand’s essence and more importantly will undeniably resonate with the target audience. As a result, ideas that resonate are adopted by the people that share the sentiment, and those people champion these ideas to the mass market, creating undeniable impact on the brand and tangible business result.