We are your full stack brand development 
and engagement strategy partner

Research & Modeling

A branding project at BrandMedicine begins with an assessment of how well your current brand is aligned with your mission and organizational strategy. We learn about your situation, challenges, opportunities, desired outcomes, technology requirements, and competitive landscape in order to inform every subsequent part of the process to make sure your brand is everything you and your customers want it to be.

Strategy & Positioning

Brands are a combination of identity, culture, actions, and perceptions. Through interviews and workshops, we clarify brand beliefs, attributes, roles, and relationships, and help sharpen focus on why your brand matters and how it makes a difference. Based on that, we work with you to provide an actionable messaging platform that accentuates how and where your brand provides the greatest value.

Visual Branding

Your brand is only as good as the experience you provide to prospective consumers. We transform complex concepts into intelligent, intuitive interfaces, focused on content and built for the target user. We create fluid online and offline experiences that skillfully support your brand and adapt to all devices and brand touch points – from websites and mobile apps to brand packaging and print collateral. BrandMedicine is where form meets function.

Digital Development

We believe in a methodical approach to building great products, and with a decade of digital experience, we’re had time to perfect the formula. Today BrandMedicine relies on a process that remains consistent whether we’re developing a website, a viral game, or a mobile application. Upon completion, each product is run through a vigorous cycle of testing to ensure a flawless final product.

Digital Engagement

The rise of social media adds a new dimension to the online brand experience. Your message is not just distributed; it is tweeted, posted, and shared with thousands of networks. As with any media, they key is putting the user at the center of a brand experience that is engaging, entertaining, and participatory, an experience that they are most likely to share. Everything we create at BrandMedicine adherence to audience-centric, conversion-driven communications.


We specialize in taking forward thinking concepts, and transforming them into actionable strategies and clearly road-mapping the path to commercial success. Through years of industry-spanning experience, we’ve learned how to identify and address clients’ operational challenges, so brand is consistently conveyed, internally and externally.  As the architects of your brand strategy, we work tirelessly to implement your brand strategy in the context of your business goals.